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40 Things Your Kids Must Know Before They Leave Home

Learn the Secret Things That Young Adults Wish Their Parents Had Taught Them

This FREE eBook Will Reveal What You Need To Teach Your Kids So That They Can Become Successful, Happy and High Achieving

Discover the results of the first ever research among 17-22 year olds regarding what they wish they knew before leaving home.
Learn the simple messages that will allow your kids to leave home and get on with their lives, without needing to suck off of you forever.
The tips and advice that will allow your kids to make better decisions, be part of more fulfilling peer groups, and be far less likely to engage in self-defeating behavior…


 For the past 20 years, Life Coach Darryl Mobley has helped thousands of people become more successful.

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10-les-brown“Darryl Mobley will uncover exciting new possibilities for your family, relationship, finances, career, health,and more!”
~ Les Brown – Legendary Motivator, Success Expert and Author

“In order for the life you are living to change, you must change. There is no other way. Let’s get started!”
~ Darryl L. Mobley

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